Authentic Visual Voices: Contemporary Paper and Encaustic offers a rare opportunity to gain insight into the artistic process: 28 professional artists in their own voices discuss their artwork with artist/author Catherine Nash during in-the-studio video interviews which focus on where creative inspiration comes from and how artists synthesize experience, emotions and concerns into their work.

Each of the 28 artists were asked to create a new work in front of the camera and complete it for inclusion in this book. The content-rich, image-filled portfolio pages of these artists are followed by another gallery of compelling works and ideas by more than 100 international artists - a total of over 380 color images and almost five hours of edited video (29 ten minute video interviews).

This publication is a survey of international artists whose work explores the diversity of paper combined with the unique properties of encaustic wax in collage, photography, printmaking, sculptural paper and artists books. Emphasizing the voice of the artist, Authentic Visual Voices: Contemporary Paper and Encaustic is a brand new, computer interactive book available streaming, or for download, that artists and art lovers in particular will find captivating as they gain a deeper understanding into the motivation of these engaging and powerful artists.

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