Your Authentic Visual Voice

Making Art with a Personal Vision
If you have been taking lots of technique classes and have a grasp of how-tos under your belt, it is time to start working on your own....what is it you truly want to express? The point is not the medium itself, but the journey of exploring one's most meaningful ideas and concerns to create passionate art that is uniquely you.

Catherine Nash has been successfully teaching Your Authentic Visual Voice for many years, training artists through a series of journaling, drawing and writing, to excavate to their personal authentic voice and vision. Making work that expresses one's deepest self, can be done through still life, landscape, the figure, abstraction. Any focus can become the point of departure for individual expression as the artist develops an expressive, distinctive body of work that is thematically focused and aesthetically consistent.

This section of this website will focus on ideas, suggestions and resources to help you do just that - discovering your own authentic visual voice. Check back often to discover future inclusions. To start, Catherine Nash shares her favorite books found to provide inspiration for personal artmaking and the inevitable up and down cycles of creative productivity. Get inspired!


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